Sports complex received tournaments – «Electron Grand league of Lviv» and «Ukrainian strength» of the First league of Lviv


From the 17-th to 28-th of June 2014 on the playing fields of «Electron» sports complex two tournaments in mini football took place.

Eight Lviv teams-grandees: «Lviv United», «1000+1 night», «AK Lemberg», «Lvivgas», «Bastion», «Data Group», «Sparta Lviv» and «Inter-U» took part in the tournament for the title of «Grand league of Lviv», organized with Lviv region Association of devotees of mini football.

The winner of the tournament was «Lvivgas» team, which to its achievements – a silver prize winner of Lviv region championship of 2011-2012, a champion of Ukraine among gas economies of 2012, added the title of «Grand league of Lviv» champion. The second and the third places were taken with «Lviv United» and «Bastion», correspondingly.

In the first league of Lviv tournament, organized with «Ukrainian power» public association and Association of devotees of mini football, also eight teams: «Lesotech», «Ukrainian power», «Udar-Zvenigorod», «Stryys`ka», «Technika dlya biznesa», «Fanat», «Incognito», «Knyazhyy Rynok-2» took part. The winner was «Udar-Zvenigorod» team.


Video: The best goals of 5-7 rounds of Grand league and the First League of Lviv 2014:

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