Auto maintenance and repair

«Electron-Auto» auto repair station – it is a complex maintenance service of motor transport, up-to-date repair and diagnostic equipment , skilled staff.


«Electron-Auto» auto repair station renders car owners a wide range of services in auto maintenance and repair, including:

- repair of running gear;

- diagnosing of motor, running gear, electrical equipment;

- washing of injectors;

- repair and maintenance of car conditioners;

- replacement of belts of gas distribution mechanism, oils, fluids and etc.;

- repair of a body, painting;

- welding operations;

- mounting of mechanical blocking of gearbox and wheel;

- mounting and repair  of auto warning system, acoustics, parktronics;

- vulcanization and tire fitting;

- wheels geometry;

- car wash and dry-cleaning  inside of a car;

- automotive shop.


«Electron-Auto» ARS – it is skilled masters with a big experience of work.

Entrusting your car to «Electron-Auto» ARS you are able to be confident in the quality of offered services!


Telephone numbers for inquire:

- repair and maintenance of cars: +38-032-239-53-08;

- automotive shop: +38-032-239-53-09.



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