Sports and recreation services


«Electron-Leasing» Financial and leasing company has completed the construction of the first turn of «Electron» sports complex in 130, General Chuprynka str. – playgrounds, built in accordance with the most up-to-date engineering standards for such type of installations, are opened.

The playgrounds with stands for spectators are near park recreational area «Sandy lakes» – one of the most popular and picturesque nooks of Lviv. The complex includes two outdoor versatile playgrounds for mini football, basketball and volleyball with a high quality «Artificial grass» synthetic covering. The territory of sports complex and playgrounds is provided with a system of evening lighting. Shower cubicles and changing room are at the service of visitors. For vacationers there is a rental of sports kit.

Сonvenient location of the complex and spectrum of offered services were highly estimated by devotees of active recreation and also representatives of non-government sports organizations, which are interested in holding here their competitions and tournaments.

«Electron-Leasing» FLC plans includes bringing into service the second turn of sports complex – reconstruction and radical modernization of the building with sports halls and a swimming pool. Reconstruction project stipulates the reorganization of the building into a large-scale fitness centre.

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