Production and storage premises

Production and storage premises at the address: 315, Shevchenka str., Lviv

The type of contract

lessor is the owner

Destination of installation

production and storage premises


- 315, Shevchenka str., Lviv;

- the building is on the territory of Ryasne production zone of «Electron» corporation in 5 minutes walk from Shevchenka str. (exit in the direction of border passage in Krakovets – 70 km to the border with European Union)

Characteristics of premises

- columned type 3-floor building;

- spacing between columns – 6x6 m, 6x9 m;

- maximum load on ceiling – 500 kg/m²;

- ceiling height – 3,8 m; 7,1 m; 9,5 m

Lease areas

- production premises of the 1-st floor – 8500 m²;

- production premises of the 2-d floor -  570 m²;

- administrative premises – 3000 m²

Infrastructural ensuring

- water supply;

- sewerage;

- power supply (transformer substation);

- heat supply

Additional information

- two jibs with hoisting capacity of 3 t and 5 t;

- possibility of installation of additional jibs;

- two freight lifts, the hoisting capacity of each is 3,2 t;

- territory perimeter is guarded;

- installation of telephones (digital telephone exchange);

- branch line is brought to it